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    You long for authenticity in your relationships with others. You want to cultivate deeper connection that comes from honest communication.

    Imagine having healthy, nurturing and lasting relationships as a result of speaking clearly, truthfully and with heart.

    Imagine being able to skillfully communicate with your friends, your partner, your colleagues even in challenging circumstances. You can have these experiences because all of us human beings have the capacity to thrive in relationships.

    72824764-copy-2However, like so many, you don’t know how to truly express who you are or what you need. Some of your relationships feel superficial. Turning to social media to express yourself might help on occasion, but it is not fully satisfying and can actually create more of a sense of disconnection and confusion.

    You often don’t speak up for fear of offending others. Your interactions frequently leave you feeling misunderstood, frustrated or powerless.

    You are not alone; real connection is what we all yearn for. In fact, we now know from the field of neuroscience that the human brain is wired for connection. To experience this we need to express ourselves differently.

    Most likely, you inherited the language you are using, and it reflects the conditioned patterns, beliefs and assumptions of your family and your culture.

    It is not a language you have chosen, yet this language is your most frequent and influential tool for making sense of and relating to yourself, others and life.

    This inherited language is what I call the Language of Survival.

    When you speak the Language of Survival your life experience becomes limited which creates feelings of isolation.

    When the sense of disconnection continues, you are more prone to anxiety and depression — the two most common disorders of our time.

    That longing in your heart for a fulfilling human experience that goes beyond survival is not a utopian fantasy. A life where authenticity, connection and compassion are present is not only imaginable, it is your birthright.

    Language has the power to transform every aspect of life and bring about the connection and ‘realness’ for which you long.

    When you connect to what you are experiencing within and are able to express that without judgment towards yourself or other, you speak the Language of Your Heart.

    As you learn to become what is true for you, your brain circuitry shifts, your nervous system relaxes and you experience more energy, clarity and peace.

    This connection needs to start with yourself and understanding the language of your inner dialogue. Through this awareness you uncover what you really want.

    love and friendship concepts - two hands

    As you clarify your true longings you are better able to share them with others to foster thriving relationships.

    In this transformational 7‐week course we will harness the power of language to bring about the life and relationships you are capable of having.

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