• Sat
    10:00 - 5:00 pmShanta Shala | 355 Roosevelt Way, San Francisco, CA 94114

    Weekend Workshop

    In this transformative weekend workshop we will explore how to feel connected to ourselves and others while we express what is in our hearts and minds.

    Through meditations, self-reflection, partner work and role-plays you will:

        • Explore the transformational power of language to connect to your true nature
        • Become aware of the influence of your internal dialogue in your day-to-day life
        • Transform judgment into empathy and compassion
        • Try new forms of expression that lead to enriched connection and inner peace
        • Experience the power of listening to others with full embodied presence
        • Understand the difference between speaking from the “truth” of your conditioned stories and speaking from the truth of your Heart

    Course Tuition: $185

    Limited to 20 participants.  This course will fill out quickly.

  • Sun
    1:15 - 4:15 pmYoga Tree Hayes | 519 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California

    We all want to be real. We want to show up to ourselves and others fully and authentically. We want to foster healthy and fulfilling relationships. However, we may often find it challenging to truly express who we are. Sometimes we may believe that if we live our authentic selves, we will be rejected by others, or perhaps we believe such a life is impossible for us.

    As yoga practitioners walking on a spiritual path, we may confuse being peaceful or compassionate with simply being “nice,” or avoiding conflict because it is not “spiritual.” This can lead to a sense of conflict with our desire to be “spiritual” and our need to authentically express ourselves to others, to set boundaries, or approach life’s inevitable conflicts.

    The path of Yoga actually invites us to connect to our authentic self, to that essence that goes beyond our mental stories about who we are or how we should be.

    In this workshop we will learn how to unapologetically be ourselves by looking at the stories that disconnect us from our authentic essence. We will learn how to stand up for what matters to us and express it powerfully and compassionately in alignment with our commitment to yogic principles. The wisdom of Yoga recognizes there is always a deeper layer of the self that can be accessed. We will learn to remember and reconnect with those layers to support you in your quest for authentic self-expression.

    Cost: $25


  • Sat
    1:15am - 4:15pmShanta Shala | 355 Roosevelt Way, San Francisco, California

    We enjoy having harmony and peace in our lives. When we are feeling harmonious, we feel connected to the fabric of life. When we feel peaceful we are more likely to go with the flow of life. However, when we encounter conflict with others, we tend to feel cut off from life’s flow. We may believe we need to defend ourselves, and it becomes challenging to stay open to others and to our own feelings. This way of being is actually a form of aggression towards ourselves and the other.

    Yet, we always have the opportunity to practice ahimsa or non-violence by being completely present with ourselves, the other and the moment we are sharing. We can recognize each other and choose connection even when there is intensity or conflict. In this way we use the intense energy of conflict to transform it into connection. This alchemical process starts with the deep commitment to ahimsa, or nonviolence, that is at the core of yoga.

    In this workshop we will learn to approach, engage and resolve conflicts with non-violent presence. We will learn that conflicts are ways to find out more about each other with curiosity, openness and compassion for ourselves and the other. As yogis we can learn to employ ahimsa in our relationships and communication to transform conflict into the alchemical gold of true presence and connection.

    Cost: $25.


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