• Mon
    5:30 - 7:30pmOnline Telecourse

    Six Mondays - July 7- August 11

    Take this transformative course from the convenience of your home! In this online version, you will listen in to live instruction, see a presentation in real time and have the chance to participate in every class. You will engage in role-plays and break into groups for practice exercises. All classes will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings as well as to the written materials. You can also participate in a forum discussion in between classes. All you need is a phone for the classes and the internet to download the recordings, have access to written materials and participate in the online forum.

    Course Tuition: $99

  • Sat
    10:00am - 5:00pmShanta Shala | 355 Roosevelt Way, San Francisco, California

    Weekend Workshop - July 12 and 13

    Relationships with others can sometimes get stuck. We might get into a dynamic that gradually turns a friend to a foe. We start by noticing what we dislike about the person, we then unconsciously construct stories about them in our minds that involve labels and judgments. We vilify this person and can even feel powerless with them. We try to avoid them as much as we can. We have visceral sensations when we think about them or are in their presence. When this happens, we have created an enemy image of that human being we might call boss, partner, in-law, relative, co-worker, etc. We have created these images, and we can learn to dissolve them

    Through meditations, self-reflection, partner work and role-plays you will:

        • Understand your triggers that provoke judgmental thinking and knee-jerk reactions
        • Uncover the underlying judgment that keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle
        • Learn a powerful practice to digest the challenge and move toward connection
        • Deepen your self-empathy and self-compassion practices and develop your own
        • Connect to your compassionate nature
        • Create healthy strategies to address challenges with the person you feel a sense of disconnection or power imbalance

    Course Tuition: $148

    Tuition includes materials, teas and light afternoon snack. Bring your own lunch. 

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